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Puerto Rico
Names Pedro, I only draw what i like and I don't take OC request.

Best Friends.

:icontobyandmavisforever: :iconhoyothefox: :icondaisyforfuture: :iconthegoldenmoonlight: :iconrudolphtheehcidna: :iconknuxroxmysox: :iconchristitan16: :iconwebkinzspongebob: :iconcaholtz: :iconhyper-mario-64: :icono-camtroartist-o: :iconhiimdilan: :iconrockinmidnight18: :iconsarahvilela: :iconvalandy7: :iconalexanderthehedgeho8: :iconfalconpawnch7: :iconredqueenallison: :iconbrando360: :icondragonous3: :iconbaltowolfdog: :iconnightmaresouleater: :iconcameolbp2: :iconbenjaminlittle: :iconsodormatchmaker: :iconameth18: :iconbennyfoxclaw: :iconblairmac2: :icondewani90: :iconsonicgal390: :iconmacarou: :iconkovich-kaskovh: :iconhorseydino: :iconhowlingequine: :iconlifelessriot: :iconcardinal-danadriel: :iconangrykoalaak: :iconcharlie-loz: :icongoomuin:
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favorite games couples?

Mario couples.

Mario X Princess Peach.
Luigi X Princess Daisy.
Waluigi X Rosalina.
Yoshi X birdo.

sonic couples.

Sonic X amy
Shadow X Rouge
Knuckles X Julie-su
Chaos X Tikal
Charmy bee X saffron

Zelda couples

Link X Malon
Kafei X Anju
Mikau X Lulu
what I like?

making sprites for my favorite characters, making arts for me for being kind and helpful, drawing, people making animation art with my sprites, seeing luigi and daisy together.
what i hate!

people saying rude thing about my art, art stealers, saying rude thing about my favorite characters, being left out, not being credited when someone uses my sprites.



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My Top 5 Favorite Metroid Power Suits
before i sart, i will explain first the ones i'm not quite fund of and why.
I dislike.

01. PED suit - I consider it more of an insult to the suit line since it wasn't made by the real creators of the suits themselves, the chozo.

02. Power suit - it's my least hated suit, since it lacks the morph ball ability.

03. Phazon suit - is not that i dislike it, is just that it's appearance doesn't suit me. looks like if someone decided to paint samus with shadow the hedgehog's colors, excluding the color yellow.
I like.

05. gravity suit - I know you'll say it's a palette swap, but once you think of it, it's more than a palette swap. unlike the power suit, the gravity suit can jump higher in water, can stay put if one use it in outer space and it's often the final suit samus find and seen wearing in almost all of the games. I prefer it to be a suit than a power on the power suit.

04. varia suit - yes, I made it be higher than the gravity suit due to it being the most recurring and iconic appearance to samus. as well as being her usual suit out of all the rest she had. not to mention that orange is my favorite color.

03. dark suit - one of the first suit of samus that it's shoulder pads are in a different shape and allows the morph ball to have a different shape. it's practically the only suit that it's shoulder pads are in the shape of disk rather than orbs.

02. light suit - probably the most loved suit out of the rest, it's a natural beauty, due to it's uniqueness and how powerful it is. the perfect suit to destroy both dark samus and meta ridley (if he was in echo). it's nice to see one of samus palette swap is based on it.

01. fusion suit - now i know it's weaker than any of the four, but what makes this suit special is that it wasn't made by anyone. but it was also the dangerous suit, since it's confirm that this suit is attach to samus' body. but out of the 4 colors it has, the blue one is my favorite color. it's design is more unique than the rest in my opinion. it even changed her arm cannon.
what i think would be a great idea.

01. for super smash bros, I kinda wanted all of samus palette swap to be based on the fusion suits (replace blue palette swap), dark suit (replace brown suit) and light suit (replace white suit) in appearance than color. since (for now) we have the power suit, the gravity suit and the third player color suit (green)

02. a game that explains the uniqueness of each suits samus ever had.
all costumes are own by nintendo.
the search for daisy part 3: Birabuto Kingdom.
once the heroes got to the first kingdom of sarasaland, Luigi saw that that it was a large desert kingdom.

Luigi: Damn, It's so hot in here.

peach open her parasol as she look at luigi.

Peach: yes it is, welcome to birabuto kingdom. now the enemys here are nothing like the mushroom kingdom. their quite stronger.

Luigi: Can we start walking, i'm starting to melt.

Peach: alright.

but then they notice wario and waluigi.

Luigi: hey! what are you two doing here!

Waluigi: hey look, it's an Egyptian beetle, ready to get squashed! hehe.

Wario: We'er here to find treasure, a desert that is part of 3 more kingdoms must have a lot of value!

Peach: So you decided to steal it from daisy's kingdom!

Waluigi: Daisy's kingdom!? you idiot, you didn't told me it was daisy's kingdom!

Wario: grrr, i do whatever i want, and i didn't know stupid. It's my first time here as well. and beside, Daisy prefer to go out with little green wimpy than an elephant's trunk like you!

Waluigi: Elephant trunk! why you overgrown pig!

the two started fighting as peach and luigi look at each other.

Luigi: as much as i want see you two in a fist fight, we'er off to find Daisy.

Waluigi: why!? is she missing or something!?

Peach: we haven't seen her since 7 month and we'er trying to find her, so while it was nice seeing you both, looking for daisy is our top priority.

both luigi and peach started trying to find the warp pipe for the next kingdom. but wario and waluigi had an idea.

Wario: If we get daisy before those losers do, she might reward us.

Waluigi: and probably give me a kiss!

so while luigi and peach were walking, wario and waluigi were running passed them.

Luigi: whats gotten into those two?

Peach: probably up to no good.

Luigi: So, what are the other four kingdoms like?

Peach: daisy told me that her kingdoms are a desert, a water world, an eastern land and an ancient china town.

Luigi: wasn't there a village hill named after her?

Peach: Daisy's hill? that's on the eastern kingdom.

Luigi: and her circuit?

Peach: that's on the Muda kingdom.

just then, Luigi trip on something yellow.

Peach: Luigi, are your alright?

Luigi, Dumb Rock!

Luigi hit the yellow thing. the yellow thing popped up as it try to attack them.

Luigi: WAAAAAAA! ITS A big fly!

Peach: kill it! kill it!

Luigi stomp on the fly. 

Luigi: wow, that was close.

but then, they saw wario and waluigi running back. along with several flies chasing them, Luigi grab peach as they ran.


A few hours later, as the 4 of them kept running from the flies.

Luigi: what did you 2 do!

Wario: I was hungry!

Waluigi: he though it was some sort of desert garlic!

but then, a giant sphinx appear, roaring at the flies, scaring all of them away. the four heroes look at the giant sphinx.

King totomesu: who dares to be on my land!

Peach: I apologize. we don't mean to cause any trouble.

Luigi: we'er just a trying to get to the other kingdom to find Daisy.

The sphinx roar after what he heard.

king totomesu: I bin trying to find her myself, but she still remains missing in this kingdom.

Wario: can you let us use this kingdom's warp pipe to get to Muda kingdom.

King Totomesu: I'm afraid I can't. In this kingdom, if one dares to pass to the muda kingdom, they must prove it in a battle.

Luigi was shocked when he heard that.

Luigi: but, but, but, Your so Big!

King totomesu: Your Brother defeated me! But you four would only battle my minions, come on out my gaos.

4 gaos appear in front of them

King totomesu: I'll be examining your skills.

wario, waluigi, Luigi and peach look at each other as they went to fight off the 4 gaos.

meanwhile, a shadow figure appear on a corner, watching the heroes fighting.
king totomesu: you four are strong, But not strong enough to go to Muda kingdom. Show me your special moves.

Waluigi threw a bomb-omb at one of the gao, sending it threw the air and ended up landing on it's face on the sand.

king totomesu: you proved your trickery, you passed your test.

Peach took out her parasol as she poke the gao's eyes and ended up kicking it on the spiky vines, making the gao runaway.

King totomesu: Impressive, using pain to trick your enemy to flee, you passed your test.

Luigi got out the poltergust 5000 as he shocked the gao. electrocuting it.

King Totomesu: such a powerful weapon, I see your device is very unique, you passed the test.

wario started mocking the gao, it made him so angry that it charged towards wario. but wario ended up throwing fart at it, making it runaway.

king totomesu: using your own set of gas as a weapon, you impressed me. you 4 may pass to muda.

King totomesu roar as a road came out of the vines. the 4 of them went on their way.

Peach: thank you sir.

the 4 of them jump in the warp pipe. but as the king watch them leave, someone turn him into a trophy.

???????: two down, three more to go. 
Decided to add more characters to the story so it won't just focus on those daisy had good relationship with.

next part: coming soon.
Princess Daisy sprites IV
here we have another sprites sheet i made for daisy, but this time for mario and luigi superstar saga. hope you all enjoy it.

on her large scale sprites, she is smaller then peach due to the fact their not the exact same height.

i also gave her an anger animation and a floating on the sky animation as well.

i gave her the double jump animation, tied up animation and even included her in the marine pop, sky pop (in original artwork colors) and the jet she and mario got on.

as well as an umbrella combat animation.

credit me if you use it.
sprites related to this one.

King Richard and Queen Lillian:…

Princess Shokora:…

character from nintendo.

sprites were made by me :iconearthbouds
Congratulations In Joining Smash Daisy!
well, here's my picture of everyone congratulating daisy on making it to super smash bros ultimate.

at the main door of princess daisy's palace. we have Luigi and Daisy. on the two small balcony, we have two sniffit that were princess daisy's partners in mario party 3. 

at the wide balcony at the left, we have front left to right. Queen Merelda, Rosalina, Mario, Princess Peach Toadstool and Toadsworth. with bowser making wario lift barbells while waluigi is shocked to see that daisy made it in.

on the other, we have yoshi, birdo, toad and toadette.

at the highest balcony, we have King Richard and Queen Lillian. Daisy's parents.

those passing at the road are actually residence of Sarasaland, excluding Princess shokora, that a gao seem to like her a lot.
the big sprite characters are also residence of sarasaland, I call them the councilors of Sarasaland.

the big cloud is Biokinton, councilor of the chai kingdom.

the big Lion Spinx is Totomesu, councilor of the Birabuto kingdom.

the big grumpy eastern island head is hiyoihoi, Councilor of the eastern kingdom. 

the big seahorse (thanks to rosalina's magic, he can be on land) is Dragonzamasu, councilor of the Muda kingdom.
and far above on the right, we have Tatanga. who in super mario land, hypnotized all the residence of sarasaland and took over the kingdoms.

the location is in daisy circuit.
characters and sprites from nintendo and camelot.

King Richard and queen Lillian are own by :iconnintendrawer:

sprites by nintendo, :icongensokyo-man: and :iconearthbouds: (me)
the search for daisy part 2: Piranah plant forest.
Once they enter the dangerous forest, Luigi started asking.

Luigi: so what's sarasaland like?

Peach: It's really different from the mushroom kingdom. as you can see, i only rule one kingdom, while sarasaland is divided into 4 kingdoms.

Luigi: If its four kingdom in one, why doesn't anyone try to take it over?

Peach: it was invaded once. in 1989, daisy send me a letter about an alien invading sarasaland, so I send Mario to save her.

Luigi: I see, why din't you made me go with him?

Peach: um no reason at all luigi. ((cause back then you were just a pallet swap until you made it to the nintendo 64))
just then, they heard a crawling noise.

Peach: What was that!

they look at a near by rock, colored red with white spots.

Luigi: please let it be a rock! please let it be a rock!

Luigi poke it with a stick, but it turns out to be a piranha plant.

Peach: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Luigi: Gaaaaaahhhhhhh! Run for your life Peach!

the piranha stretched out, trying to bite both of them. just then, they both jump as they landed on a raft, they look back and saw that the piranha plant could not reach them as they sailed on.

Peach: that was close, thank god for this raft.

Luigi: Let's a hope we get to the pipe fast.

but then, they saw bubbles coming out of the water.

Luigi: Um peach, Please a tell me that piranha plant can't breath underwater?

Peach: yes they can, why?

Luigi: cause. Their a coming up now!

four giant piranha plant appear. Luigi started shooting thunder out of his poltergust 3,000 while peach hit them in the head with her parasol. trying not to be eaten by them.

Peach: why did they put the warp pipe in this part of the mushroom kingdom!

Peach reading a letter: Dear Princess Peach, we bin friends since we were kids and I think it's time we unite our kingdoms together with a warp pipe so we can travel faster. please send me a message telling me if you accept this idea. with care, your best friend Daisy.

derp Toad : so where you want this new warp pipe? there's only two place where we can put it.

Peach: which places are they.

derp toad : the Flower forest and the piranha forest.

Peach: Put it on flower forest. who would want to put a warp pipe on the piranha plant forest.

few hours later.

derp Toad : there we go, just where she told me to put it. On the Piranha plant forest.
back to the present time.

Peach: I should fire that toad...

the two of them kept fighting off the piranha plant as Luigi shocked their necks, practically killing them.

Luigi: Who's a number one, Luigi!

Peach: oh, did I win.

just then, the raft stop as they got on land. the two got off as they found the warp pipe to sarasaland.

Peach: this is it Luigi. we can finally get out of this deadly forest!

Luigi: why is this warp pipe bigger than the others from the mushroom kingdom?

Peach: cause once Bowser try to enter it, but he ended up stretching the pipe.

Luigi: how big was he?

Peach: Giga bowser.

Luigi: Oh, Alright. let's a go, I'll go first so you be safe.

Peach: O.K. Let's go!

the two took a deep breath as they enter the warp pipe as they left the piranah forest. This is actually the first time Luigi and Peach visit Sarasaland by using a warp pipe, since they use an air plane and the Daisy cruiser to visit the land on Daisy circuit in front of muda kingdom and Daisy hill on Easton kingdom. who knows what kingdom of sarasaland their warping into, but their up for a big surprise.
previous part:…

next part:…

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