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My first try on drawing male zoras. by earthbouds My first try on drawing male zoras. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 4 4 Two who could have bin in super smash bros. by earthbouds Two who could have bin in super smash bros. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 5 2 George england engines human form II by earthbouds George england engines human form II :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 2 0 Furry tales - out of control. by earthbouds Furry tales - out of control. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 8 13 Furry tales - Life of a stable furry horse. by earthbouds Furry tales - Life of a stable furry horse. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 6 21 Challenger the Appaloosa horse by earthbouds Challenger the Appaloosa horse :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 3 0 2017 Mario character the good and the bad. by earthbouds 2017 Mario character the good and the bad. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 13 36 Echidnas - Free oh lady marmalade. by earthbouds Echidnas - Free oh lady marmalade. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 11 0 The curse of the Red Apple. by earthbouds The curse of the Red Apple. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 3 2 Miitopia - ending. by earthbouds Miitopia - ending. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 10 4 Sigh by earthbouds Sigh :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 3 3 Antonio the Gym Trainer mule by earthbouds Antonio the Gym Trainer mule :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 3 0 Will sarasaland come back? by earthbouds Will sarasaland come back? :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 13 0 Princess Daisy's Double Jump. by earthbouds Princess Daisy's Double Jump. :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 24 8 knuckles after a few month the gym by earthbouds knuckles after a few month the gym :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 3 11 New hairstyle for my drawings of furry horses by earthbouds New hairstyle for my drawings of furry horses :iconearthbouds:earthbouds 5 13


Artist | Hobbyist
Puerto Rico
Names Pedro, I only draw what i like and I don't take OC request.

Best Friends.

:icontobyandmavisforever: :iconhoyothefox: :icondaisyforfuture: :iconthegoldenmoonlight: :iconrudolphtheehcidna: :iconknuxroxmysox: :iconchristitan16: :iconwebkinzspongebob: :iconcaholtz: :iconhyper-mario-64: :icono-camtroartist-o: :iconhiimdilan: :iconrockinmidnight18: :iconsarahvilela: :iconvalandy7: :iconalexanderthehedgeho8: :iconfalconpawnch7: :iconredqueenallison: :iconbrando360: :icondragonous3: :iconbaltowolfdog: :iconnightmaresouleater: :iconcameolbp2: :iconbenjaminlittle: :iconsodormatchmaker: :iconameth18: :iconbennyfoxclaw: :iconblairmac2: :icondewani90: :iconsonicgal390: :iconmacarou: :iconkovich-kaskovh: :iconhorseydino: :iconhowlingequine: :iconlifelessriot: :iconcardinal-danadriel: :iconangrykoalaak:
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favorite games couples?

Mario couples.

Mario X Princess Peach.
Luigi X Princess Daisy.
Waluigi X Rosalina.
Yoshi X birdo.

sonic couples.

Sonic X amy
Shadow X Rouge
Knuckles X Julie-su
Chaos X Tikal
Charmy bee X saffron

Zelda couples

Link X Malon
Kafei X Anju
Mikau X Lulu
what I like?

making sprites for my favorite characters, making arts for me for being kind and helpful, drawing, people making animation art with my sprites, seeing luigi and daisy together.
what i hate!

people saying rude thing about my art, art stealers, saying rude thing about my favorite characters, being left out, not being credited when someone uses my sprites.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


My first try on drawing male zoras.
Well here's my first zora drawing. Showing 5 of my favorite male zoras from the legend of zelda series.

From left to right.

The usual zora, mikau, japas, prince ralis and prince sidon.

I hope you enjoy it.

Please tell me which is your favorite.
Two who could have bin in super smash bros.
Ive bin thinking of characters that could have easily bin added on the smash bros series. Such as the spunky princess daisy from super mario series and the loving malon from the legend of zelda. And if you ask the moves they could have. Then let me explain them and where does these move come from.

Princess daisy.

A - slap.
Side A - punch (mario party)
Up A - air punch (mario party)
Down A - slash.

B - super ball. (super mario land)
Side B - crystal glove punch (Mario striker charge)
Up B - double jump. (super mario run)
Down B - jump up and stomp to the ground. (mario party)

Charge side - Baseball Bat. (Mario Super Slugger)
Charge up - tennis ball (Mario Tennis)
Charge down - Socker Ball. (Mario Striker)

Final Smash - summon a garden of flower which raise the damage on her oponents.


Normal - Bounce once, flip her hair and throw a kiss (mario party 8)
Side - spin around and look at the viewer with open arms (mario patry 3)
Down - bounce 3 time and put her hand on her hair (mario party ds)

Victory taunt.

First - spins around and point at the viewers with a smile (mario golf world tour)

Second - same as normal tount.

Third - she spins around and end up doing her mario party 6 artwork pose.

A - punch.
Side A - slash.
Up A- slash.
Down - punch.

B - use bow and arrow. (Romani in majora mask)
Side B - hit opponent with a bucket (ocarina of time)
Up B - use cuccoo to get up. (Ocarina of time)
Down B - throw a cuccoo egg that hatch and attack you. (ocarina of time)

Charge side - preparing to hit you with the bucket.
Charge up - punch.
Charge down - hit oponent with bucket.

Final smash - lift the bucket up in the air and cuccoo start to hatch and attack you. 10 cuccoo.


Normal - puts her hands behind her back (ocarina of time artwork)
Side - sings the note of epona song.
Down - close her eyes and giggle (reference to cremia)

Victory taunt

First - look at the viewers with a smile as she hold the bucket (super smash bros 3ds trophy)

Second - hold a cuccoo in her arms as she pet it (oracle of season artwork)

Third - put her hand on her hip and tilt her head towards the viewers. (Cremia's majora mask artwork)
Why did i gave them moves that they never done?

The super ball is from sarasaland which is daisy's kingdom. Meaning she can use it.

Romani is Malon's young counterpart. Which i'm sure count as a reason for her to use a bow and arrow.

Not to mention, there are character taking moves from others. Such as zelda from link, ness from paula and ganondorf from captain falcon.
Their outfits.

Well for princess daisy, I gave her a similar style outfit to peach. Except with a few alteration.

01. Daisy has 2 ruffles.
02. Her shoulder pads have flower instead of ribbons.
03. She has her pettles coming out of her sleves.

As for malon, this is more of how i think she would have appeared in twilight princess, some minor changes from the ocarina version.

01. Her sleves are longer and has bands where the elbow is.
02. Her shirt is shown to go around her weist.
There were other characters that i would included, but they didn't had enough moves to be on this list. Although i think its too late for malon. Due to her not appearing in recent zelda games.

So if you have any opinion on these moves, please tell me.
Characters from nintendo.

Drawing by me. :iconearthbouds:
George england engines human form II
Its bin a while since i haven't talk about my six favorite ffestiniog railway locomotive. In this picture, i draw them in human form again. but this time, ill explain how i depict them with both personality and relationship with others. Starting off with the number 1.

I. Princess - the second built but the oldest of the bunch. I depict Princess with having a motherly personality. She's motherly to all the engines (except little wonder, james spooner and Livingston thompson for being rude to her) and often try and help them with their problem. She cares deeply for her brothers and sisters, she was also the first to be friend with a double fairlie, being "merddin emry". its unknown if she'll ever be in steam again.

II. Prince - the third but oldest working of the bunch. I depict prince with having a big brother personality. True he's younger then Mountaineer and Princess, but that doesn't mean he can't act like one. He at first didn't like seeing princess being friends with the double fairlie. But after knowing "merddin emry" he accepted the two girls to be friends. He's often seen playing fencing with his friend "Earl of Merioneth".

III. Mountaineer (1863 - 1880) - the first built but first to get scrapped. I gave him a Wise personality. Being the oldest, mountaineer was often seen working hard from time to time, he won't even tell a lie, due to the fact that he can't hold it. His enemy was "little wonder" due to the fact that they were both the first of "the england class" and "the double fairlie class" even in ghost form, we see these two fighting. What was left of mountaineer was his bell.

IV. Palmerston - the fourth oldest. I gave her a cheerful personality. Unlike others that depict her as a male, i though making her a female was more suitable. She's seen making jokes and pranks with others from time to time. It wasn't until 2000 where she became friends with a double fairlie. She's seen with "david lloyd george" having tickle fight from time to time.

V. Welsh Pony - the fifth oldest but first of the "large england". I gave her a stubborn personality. Unlike others that depict her as a male, i decided to make her female so there could be an even number of gender. Although loyal to her family, welsh poy is not your typical girly friend. She's stubborn and dislike the fairlies deeply. Seeing how both little wonder and james spooner were happy about the scrapping of mountaineer, she grew anger towards them. But when she saw that livingston tompson was cheering about the scrapping of little giant. She grew so much anger that livingston tompson became her enemy. To this day, she still fight with him, but while she seem to get along with the 3 good fairlies, she still has a bad chill about it.

VI. Little Giant (1867 - 1954) - the youngest of the class. While some depict him as being bouncy and rude, I give him a shy personality. Often having many derailment, little giant is too shy to even tell his driver somethings wrong with him. This is due to him being scared of his driver being rude to him. His enemy was "james spooner" who often pick on him and scared him at night. Before he was sent for scrapping, he decided to leave his 2 tenders for prince and welsh pony (now being linda's tender) which are seen today. Welsh pony wish he wasn't scrapped.
Why is there rivalry between the england and fairlies?

Turns out that their builders were rivals.
Their colors?

Princess and Prince have their 2013 red colors from when they became 150 years old, Palmerston has her 1993 brown rogue color from when she return into steam. Welsh Pony has her 2005 blue colors from when She became an attraction.

Its unknown what colors were Mountaineer and Little Giant. Some say mountaineer was blue or brown and other say little giant was like palmerston in 1993 color.

I pick brown to mountaineer, due to it being a tradition for old engines. And little giant in the 2013 green color welsh pony had, due to it being a traditional color use by the railway.
Changes from the last picture?

Princess, Mountaineer and welsh pony didn't get any changes. Prince got black pants instead of white. Palmerston's yellow was changed to black while little giant's yellow was changed to red.
Their railway is the ffestiniog railway. Where you can find princess in static display, prince and palmerston in service and welsh pony almost ready to be in service.

Drawing by me :iconearthbouds:
Furry tales - out of control.
After the fun with the gym ball, I heared My brother, Full-Steam, calling me. I rush up the field towards him.

Mountaineer: Coming.

As i headed towards him, i saw that someone ran pass me and hug full-steam's leg.

Full-steam: what the?

Mountaineer: Dylan?!

Dylan: oh forgive me, I can't help myself.

As full-steam felt that dylan was an awkward position. The 7 of us couldn't help ourself from laughtfing at dylan. leaf breeze was laughfing so hard, he needed to go to the bathroom.

Mountaineer: oh dylan, what a silly horse you are.

The end.
Note that their not pony, it's just that since full-steam is a shire horse (and a bodybuilder) he makes the other horses look small.
Character by.

:iconearthbouds: and :iconmichander: Full-Steam the railway shire horse.

:iconlifelessriot: - Dylan the gay horse.

:iconmacarou: Macarou and aniseed - the twin horses.

:iconkovich-kaskovh: - Kovi the pony.

:iconearthbouds: Mountaineer the railway horse.

:iconhowlingequine: -Ghost the cat horse.

:iconameth18: - Challenger the star horse.

:iconcharliethesillydeer: - Leaf breeze the silly horse.
Drawing and story made by me :iconearthbouds
Furry tales - Life of a stable furry horse.
Here's a picture of my furry horse explaining to his friends about his life as a stable horse.
One day, Mountaineer was walking toward the fields. When he got to the entrance, he saw that 6 of his friends were there. Their names were Aniseed, Challenger, Dylan, Ghost, Kovi, Leaf Breeze and Macarou.

Mountaineer: hello.

Unlike these 6 horses that live in houses, Mountaineer lives in a stable instead. But he still visit his friends. From time to time, Mountaineer play with them, but today was the day Mountaineer would tell them the life of a stable horse.

Ghost: so tell me Mountaineer, How's life living at the stable?

Mountaineer: it's good, with only a few problem, but I can ignored them.

Challenger: Like what?

Mountaineer: well, let me tell you the layout as well so ya'll won't get confused.

Kovi: oh please do.

Mountaineer: well there's the sleeping area, that has 6 stalls on both left and right side. I sleep in the third stall on the left when you enter.

Aniseed: so what seem to be the problem?

Mountaineer: the problem is that the other horses snore. and if that wasn't enough, there's also farting.

Ghost: Eww.

Leaf Breeze: atleast theres breezing at night. XD.

Macarou: what about the lunch room?

Mountaineer: the lunch room is alright, Each morning I get a nice bowl of oats for breackfast.

Macarou: mmm oats.

Dylan: What's the problem with this part of the stable?

Mountaineer: that sometime there's a food fight.

All: oh.

Aniseed: what can you tell me about the locker room.

Mountaineer: nothing wrong with it, except that they don't have numbers on it and my locker is somewhere in the middle. I mistakenly open the wrong locker once and boy was I surprised.

Kovi: what did you see?

Mountaineer: ... It's best not to explain it.

Kovi: Fair enough.

Leaf breeze: how's the Bathrooms there?

Mountaineer: It's alright, it has 5 toilet stall and 4 sinks. It also has a pair of windows that are one side view, so us stable horse could have some privatesy.

Macarou: what seem to trouble you on that part?

Mountaineer: well when i'm using one of the stall and reading a nice book, one of the horses that are on the other stall would end up cussing due to the stall not having toilet paper.

As i look at the other horses, I saw that they were laughfing.

Ghost: what about the kitchen?

Mountaineer: we'er not allowed to be in the kitchen, cheff's rule.

Ghost: I see, what about the shower room?

Mountaineer: It's a great room, has 6 shower heads on both side. Has one side view windows and an air vent that releases the steam outside like a chimney.

Leaf breeze: what seem to trouble you on that room?

Mountaineer: there's nothing wrong with it, I enjoy a good shower. No food fight, no farting, no snoring, no cussing or mistaken lockers. Just a relaxing steaming shower room.

Ghost: so you stayed because of the shower room?

Mountaineer: Yep, i do like hot water.

Dylan: If I were you, I would sleep in the shower room instead XD. Seeing that it's the best room in the stable.

All the horses laugh at dylan's comment.

Leaf Breeze: What about the other horses, Are they friends with you?

Mountaineer: well only 4, I have yet to meet the other horses.

Challenger: what are their names?

Mountaineer: well there's my big brother "Full-Steam", which you know, He's a bodybuilder version of me.

Dylan: I seen him around.

Mountaineer: There's also "Tender", he's a blonde clydesdale horse with gray-brown hair. His little brother lives in a farm, his name is "Little-giant", he's not a draft horse, but an alkah-teke.

Leaf-breeze: guess he's tender cause he has muscle. XD

Mountaineer: the third is "Coal", he's a full black colored Clydesdale horse who likes to pull wagon filled with coal. His little brother is named "Duke" and he works as a taxi driver.

Kovy: his name do go with his fur.

Mountaineer: and then, there's "Caboose". A dapple shire horse who doesn't speak much and his long hair cover his eyes. He has a little brother named "Welsh" who's into extreme stunt.

Aniseed: is he deaf or something?

Mountaineer: no, he just doesn't want to hurt one's feelings.

Macarou: so what about the rules?

Mountaineer: well theres a few rules actually.

1. No girls (due to it being the males stable) [the girls have their own stable].
2. No judging others.
3. No outsiders, unless you were invited.
4. No Fighting. (Food fight doesn't count).
5. Only those that work for the railway can stay at the stable. Horses or bull that work on the near by railway are also allowed to stay.
6. No smoking.
7. Lights out at 10:00 pm.

Challenger: so the girls have their own set of stable?

Mountaineer: It's so they could have privatesy.

Challenger: fair enough.

Ghost: I agree.

Kovy: do you miss living here in the field mountaineer?

Mountaineer: I do, but I have to work from time to time. Also, I like coming visiting all of you, since each time i come, it makes it feel special.

All the horses smile. Until they heared someone pounting, they look at the back and saw that Dylan was filling up a gym ball and started tossing it around. now all of them started running towards the ball as they play voleyball with it. Using the fence as the middle.

The end.

:iconmacarou: - Aniseed and Macarou - Aniseed is the Black horse with white hair. He's holding a red apple in the picture. While macarou is the yellow horse sitting on a chair.

:iconameth18: - Challenger - he's the purple horse. He's holding a soda cup.

:iconlifelessriot: - Dylan - he's the cream horse with red hair. He's at the fence.

:iconhowlingequine: - Ghost - she's the blue horse with black and white. She's sitting at the fence.

:iconkovich-kaskovh: - Kovy - he's the black horse with yellow hair.

:iconcharliethesillydeer: - Leaf breeze - he's the red horse with green hair.

:iconearthbouds: - Mountaineer - he's the brown horse waving.
Drawing made by me :iconearthbouds:

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