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Puerto Rico
Names Pedro, I only draw what i like and I don't take OC request.

favorite games characters?

Princess daisy, Luigi, ness, rob, link, zelda, malon, Knuckles, shadow, tikal.

what I like?

making sprites for my favorite characters, making arts for me for being kind and helpful, drawing, people making animation art with my sprites, seeing luigi and daisy together.

what i hate!

people saying rude thing about my art, art stealers, saying rude thing about my favorite characters, being left out, not being credited when someone uses my sprites.


Rosalina concept art by earthbouds
Rosalina concept art
here is rosalina in how she was originally going to appear.

she was going to have the same gown as Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, have gloves similar like peach's and have triangle sleeves coming out of her shoulder pads like daisy and her dress was going to have a star ruffle.

she was going to have a beehive hairstyle, different eye style, a much different round face and she was going to have a tiara.

also in the real story of the game, it was planned to make rosalina be Peach's big sister. (which makes sense since both look a like in the face)

In my opinion, i think rosalina would look better with this dress but with her current hair so she could mach up with peach and daisy.

If you ask me, she kinda resemble cinderella, from disney, in this form.
On the gates of hell, after bayonetta decided to take a brake, she look at Rodin as enzo brought all of bayonetta gift.

Enzo: damn you bayonetta, today i won the lottery and you happen to crash my plane right after I won.

Bayonetta: oh really, then i would just let you get eaten by that demon that was gonna eat you in a second.

Enzo: Gahhh!

Bayonetta: so anything new for me?

Rodin: just got this new clothing, it will allow your gun to turn into spaceship-shaped blaster.

Enzo: what! You got her an outfit again. What about me! I atleast deserve the money you 2 own me for my car!

Rodin: Shut it, unless you want to be scrambled like dr. Eggman.

Enzo: gahh!

Bayonetta: hmm, guess their use for something. Where did you get this fox's soul in the bullet.

Robin: let just say, while i was in a different world, his ship was crashed by something, so i took his soul and turn him into clothing.

Bayonetta: what a pity, I'm sure he make a good outfit.

She got out her mirror and saw the other four bullet.

Bayonetta: and how did you got these four bullet souls?

Rodin: that was really hard you see, the four of them were just fighting a darkness demon, but let me just tell you the whole story.

Enzo: oh great, now we are listening to rodin story, can i atleast get a drink before you start talking.

Bayonetta quickly push enzo's seat as he fell.

Bayonetta: proceed Rodin.

Rodin: thank you, now in the world where those four soul belong, they were taken over by their hell counterpart, the darkness.

Several years ago, on the mushroom kingdom. Princess peach was in her castle as she was looking out her stained glass window.

Toadsworth: princess peach, you have a visitor.

peach: I do? Well send this visitor in.

There, zelda and link appeared.

peach: oh zelda, I dint expect to see you here.

Zelda: peach, your looking good today.

Peach: thanks. What bring you to the mushroom kingdom?

Zelda: link, can you wait us outside?

Link nob as he went out of the room.

Zelda: peach, we are taking refugee from hyrule.

Peach: what, Why!

Zelda: I'm afraid someone we defeated long ago has return to cause chaos to our worlds.

Peach: who? Ganondorf?

Zelda: no.

Peach: did bowser attack your kingdom?

Zelda: worst.

Peach: then that means... No, not him.

Zelda: yes, it's best if you join me and link to browser's castle.

Peach: what, why his castle.

Zelda: we made arrangement that he would be my bodyguard along with link. Also he has a giant spaceship so we would be safe. If i were you, i would go and get mario out of here.

Peach: I'm afraid I can't.

Zelda: why not?

As peach took out something from her drawer, zelda saw a small plush.

Peach: someone turn mario into a plush.

Zelda was shock to hear what happen to mario.

Zelda: how horrifying. What about luigi.

Peach: I'm afraid he had gone missing in a long time.

Zelda: well it is best that you join us on this journey, before it's too late.

Peach look out her window.

Peach: take my people to bowser so they wont get hurt.

Zelda: what about you peach?

Peach: i must see if he was the one that did this to mario. Please go out, i need a moment.

Zelda: I understand.

Zelda went to the hallway and saw link.

Zelda: i don't want peach to get hurt, so i want you to look after her link. I will take her people to bowser to keep them save. Can I count on you.

Link nob as zelda smile. Meanwhile in space, Samus was on her spaceship as she was looking at the planet.

Samus: everything seem to be in order.

But as the planet turn, she saw darkness on the other side.

Samus: what the! Computer, show me the worlds that are in there.

Computer: scanning, the worlds in there are not qualifide as they seem to be erased.

Samus: damn it! Computer, show me the worlds not trap in there.

Computer: the world are the mushroom kingdom, sarasaland, the koopa kingdom and the hyrule kingdom.

Samus: so there are only 4 left.

Suddenly something yellow attack her engine and smash the ship to land on the planet.

Samus: Computer, turn on emergency engine!

Computer: error, emergency engine has bin destroyed.

Samus: what is the location we are landing on!

Computer: destination, sarasaland.

The ship crash on the ocean, as samus got out, she look at her right and saw a big cruiser.

Samus: a cruiser?

As she look in front, she saw a seaside town and a big castle. Might as well see if the ruler of this land is here.

Back on the mushroom kingdom, zelda set off with the people of the kingdom to take refugee at bowser kingdom. Meanwhile link stayed with peach as she had mario plush in her hand.

Peach: i hope we find a way to bring him back.

Link look at her as he feel sorry for her.

Several hour later it was night time and they saw something glowing blue.

Peach: it's time.

Both peach and link got out of the castle as there in front of them was non other then tabuu.

Tabuu: well well. 2 more people that defeated me long ago. I see you have one of the person i destroyed.

Peach: so it was you!

Tabuu: yes, now say goodbye as your kingdom is next in line.

Tabuu quickly throw a bomb of darkness in the middle of the castle as he disappeared, link quickly grab peach as they start to runaway from the castle. The bomb exploated as darkness took the castle. Link saw a cave as he took peach in there. The darkness stop as they saw that darkness cover the road to browser's castle.

Peach: guess we would take this old abandon cave. Thanks for saving me.

Link gave a nob as he look at peach hugging the mario plush. He got out his lantern and grab her hand as they go deeply in the cave. Meanwhile as samus got to the front of the castle of sarasaland, she open the door and walk foward.

Samus: this castle is so luxurious, i wonder if peach has hers like this.

As she got to the throne room, she saw princess Daisy.

Daisy: who dares enter my castle in such short notice?

Samus got out her mask as she bow down.

Samus: forgive my intrution, but i seek no no harm to your kingdom.

Daisy: you must be samus, peach has talk about you when i visit her kingdom.

Samus: you know her?

Daisy: yes, she is my what bring you to my kingdom?

Samus: the other worlds are in darkness, and i fear that your kingdom might be the next one.

Daisy: what, even the mushroom kingdom?

Samus: no. But I must warn her before it's too late.

Daisy: I'll go as well, I know the way faster to the mushroom kingdom.

Samus: good, then you be my guide, lets go then.

As the 2 of them got out of the castle, samus saw the statues.

Samus: so you and luigi are a couple?

Daisy: we have since 1991.

Samus: I see, you both do make a nice couple.

But as they continue walking, daisy saw a luigi plush.

Daisy: strange, who would leave this toy on the floor.

But as samus put on her mask, she interest something on the inside.

Samus: Daisy, be careful, that plush is the real luigi!

Daisy: huh?

Samus: i see his body in that toy covered with darkness on the inside.

Daisy: what!, well what happen if i open him,

Samus: it say if you do, you practically kill him.

Daisy put luigi in her pocket and grab samus hand.

Daisy: well lets go find peach before she end up like luigi!

Daisy jump while she drag samus in to the warp pipe that lead to the mushroom kingdom.

To be continued...
Hello, here is something i always wonder when i played Bayonetta 2.
Was Zelda going to be planned?

I kinda though she was going to be added once i saw Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Samus signatures on the super mirror 64, but turns out that it was just link.

Why did i think it was Zelda and not link.

Once you look at the four emblem on the mirror, Peach's has her background in pink, daisy's has hers in orange and samus has it looking like a night sky. But link's has his in purple, the same kind twilight princess zelda has on her dress.

If it was zelda, would that mean the master sword wont have bin a weapon for the game?

If it was zelda, i would say yes. In any costume one can use a sword and i dont see any reason why bayonetta cant use it if she had the zelda clothes. Also zelda once had a sword in twillight princess.
If this theory was true, this could mean that bayonetta was meant to have all four long lasting female characters outfit.

Princess Peach (1985)
Samus Aran (1986)
Princess Zelda (1986)
Princess Daisy (1989)

Now fox's outfit was not planned until the first disk was completed, so it could possibly mean that he was added so link wont bin the only male costume there is.

Please tell me if you think that this theory could meant something or it doesnt actually make sence. Please comment below.
My amiibo set 2 by earthbouds
My amiibo set 2
Here is a second picture of my amiibos set. This time with 2 new ones.
From left to right.

Zero Suit Samus from "Metroid" (own by my brother)

Princess Toadstool Peach from "Super Mario bros" {smbs} (own by me)

Fox Mccloud from "Star Fox" (own by my brother)

Callie from "Splatoon" (own by my sister)

Marie from "Splatoon" (own by my sister)

Link from "The Legend Of Zelda" (own by my sister)

Luigi from "Super Mario Bros" (own by me)

Samus Aran from "Metroid"
Amiibos waiting to arrived or ordered.

Princess Daisy from "super mario bros" [waiting to be delivered] (me)

Princess zelda from "the legend of zelda" (my sister)

Rosalina from "super mario bros" {smbs} (me)

Mario from "super mario bros" {ssb4s} (me)

Robbin from "fire emblem" (my brother)

Smbs = super mario bros series
Ssb4s = super smash bros 4 series
Amiibo that might be ordered.

Ness from "earthbounds" (me)

R.O.B. (me)

Charizard from "pokemon" (my brother)
My amiibo set by earthbouds
My amiibo set
Here is a picture of the amiibo set that both me, my brother and my sister have for now.

My brother's amiibos.

Zero suit samus.
My sister's amiibo.

My amiibos.

Princess Toadstool Peach (super mario series).
Amiibo that are not on the picture but were ordered and pre-order and will arrive soon.

Princess Daisy {pre-ordered, will arrive on 4 of november} (me)

Callie {ordered and will come soon} (sister)

Marie {ordered and will come soon} (sister)

Robin (my brother is going to buy robin soon)
Plans of having other amiibos or maybe not.

Princess Zelda (my sister)

Ness (me)

R.o.b (me)

Mario {super smash bros series} (me) [maybe]

Rosalina {super mario series} (me) [maybe]

Charizard (brother) [maybe]

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