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Puerto Rico
Names Pedro, I only draw what i like and I don't take OC request.

Best Friends.

:icontobyandmavisforever: :iconhoyothefox: :iconthegoldenmoonlight: :iconrudolphtheehcidna: :iconknuxroxmysox: :iconchristitan16: :iconwebkinzspongebob: :iconcaholtz: :iconhyper-mario-64: :icono-camtroartist-o: :iconhiimdilan: :iconrockinmidnight18: :iconsarahvilela: :iconvalandy7: :iconalexanderthehedgeho8: :iconfalconpawnch7: :iconredqueenallison: :iconbrando360:
favorite games couples?

Mario couples.

Mario X Princess Peach.
Luigi X Princess Daisy.
Waluigi X Rosalina.
Yoshi X birdo.

sonic couples.

Knuckles X Julie-su
Chaos X Tikal
Twilight cage pirate captain X Shade
Remington X Komi-ko
Finitevus X Lien-da

Zelda couples

Link X Malon
Kafei X Anju
Mikau X Lulu
what I like?

making sprites for my favorite characters, making arts for me for being kind and helpful, drawing, people making animation art with my sprites, seeing luigi and daisy together.
what i hate!

people saying rude thing about my art, art stealers, saying rude thing about my favorite characters, being left out, not being credited when someone uses my sprites.


three fanmade echidnas icons. by earthbouds
three fanmade echidnas icons.
here we have 3 fanmade echidna i decided to make.

the first one is Sha-Quo. he belongs to :icontobyandmavisforever:, in what she told me, he came from the past like tikal and chaos 0.

the second one is Stripes. he belongs to me :iconearthbouds:, he's from the past that was transported to the middle ages. but in that timeline, he must learn the new world is not like his old one, where he meets a sweet echidna farm girl.

the third one is Mari-ly. she belongs to me :iconearthbouds:, she's a farm girl that meets an echidna from the pants and she decide to teach him that time change for the best and for the worlst. her dress design came from malon from the legend of zelda.
sprites maker that I use was made by :iconmpombases:…

characters by me. :iconearthbouds: and :icontobyandmavisforever:
Sonic Advance Echidna Icons by earthbouds
Sonic Advance Echidna Icons
here we have the icons i made for all the sprites i made.

I made one for :iconknuxroxmysox: julie-su sprites

and one for :iconrudolphtheehcidna: shade sprites
on the top, we have all the males. Spectre, Thunderhawk, Sojourner, Sabre, Locke, Remington, Nixus, Twilight Cage Captain Pirate and Pachacamac.

on the bottom, we have all the females. Shade, Komi-ko, Tikal, Lara-le and Julie-su.
out of all of them, shade is the only one who's dreadlocks was made from scratch. i was planning on adding the hedgehog hairstyle, but it din't look so well. so I decided to make one from scratch, which ended up looking great.

Spectre was another echidna who's appearance was made from scratch. since he has a cape and a helmet.

the heads of both remington and the twilight cage pirate captain are not from echidna, instead I use a hedgehog head to add a bit of difference with the other echidnas. 
remember to credit me when you use it.

characters from both sega and the archie series.

sprites maker that i use was made by :iconmpombases:…
The Guardian Of The Master Emerald Cover by earthbouds
The Guardian Of The Master Emerald Cover
here we have the cover of my comic of Knuckles the echidna's comic.

The plot is about Knuckles trying to restore the master emerald. but a long the way, he meets friends, family and new enemy.
Names Of The Characters.

1. first Line: Sabre, Sojourner, Spectre and Thunderhawk.

2. second line: Locke, Lara-Le, Komi-Ko and Remington.

3. third line: Pachacamac, Twilight Cage Pirate, Shade and Nixus

4. fourth line: Julie-Su, Knuckles and Tikal.

5. fifth line: Rouge and Chaos 0.

1. all the characters on this cover aren't fanmade or OC.

2. only Knuckles, Tikal, Chaos 0, Rouge and Pachacamac. All the rest are from the archie comic series.

3. Lara-su was going to appear, but I replace her and gave her role to Pachacamac. due to the fact that Lara-su was just a future "possible" character.
Game style.

If i ever made this comic into a game,it would have.

1. an adventure world like in sonic adventure DX,

2. treasure and running stages like in sonic adventure 2 battle.

3. it would also have a multiplayer mode, where the max number of players are 4.

1. This comic takes place on the alternate timeline that ken penders decided to change for no good damn reason. in this form, it show knuckles meeting Julie-su and finding all those echidna Thrash kidnapped.
Page 1:…

Nixus the echidna advance sprites by earthbouds
Nixus the echidna advance sprites
here is a sprites i am working on.

the character is walter naugus that disguised himself into an echidna named Nixus. it is unknown if the echidna name and appearance was real or was it one of walter's original design. his appearance does resemble thrash the Tasmanian devil and knuckles from sonic boom series.
Knuckles : should we let him join us julie.

Julie-su : i don't know, we don't know anything about this one.

Pachacamac : I say he should join. Judging by his marking, he can be another descendant of the knuckle clan.

Tikal : as much as i can tell, he does look like he belong to the lost clan.

Knuckles : what about you shade, what do you think?

Shade : let's just give some more time to think.

All : fine.
Sprites related to this one.

Tikal :…

Julie-su :…

Pachacamac :…




Sojourner, Thunderhawk and Sabre:…




Twilight Cage Captain:…
comic appearance:…

the Yes or no buttons are to let me know if this fake echidna should appear on the comic i am working on.

sprites by me. :iconearthbouds:

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