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Puerto Rico
Names Pedro, I only draw what i like and I don't take OC request.

Best Friends.

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favorite games couples?

Mario couples.

Mario X Princess Peach.
Luigi X Princess Daisy.
Waluigi X Rosalina.
Yoshi X birdo.

sonic couples.

Sonic X amy
Shadow X Rouge
Knuckles X Julie-su
Chaos X Tikal
Charmy bee X saffron

Zelda couples

Link X Malon
Kafei X Anju
Mikau X Lulu
what I like?

making sprites for my favorite characters, making arts for me for being kind and helpful, drawing, people making animation art with my sprites, seeing luigi and daisy together.
what i hate!

people saying rude thing about my art, art stealers, saying rude thing about my favorite characters, being left out, not being credited when someone uses my sprites.


Customize Your Cruiser sprites
for those that want to make their own ship for the mario and luigi superstar saga, you can use this so you can customize your own. you can also use the ones i made.
on top we have the ones i made. they are...

1. Daisy cruiser - it appear in double dash as a race course, on peach beach, yoshi circuit, mario beach and on daisy circuit.

2. Daisy cruiser II - appear in mario super slugger as a baseball course.

3. Sunshine - appear in double dash on peach beach and on yoshi circuit.

4. red ship with four funnel - appear on the first version of peach beach, is unknown if the model still in the game data. i named this ship Peach Sea.

5. blue ship with a blue roof - appear on the first version of peach beach, is unknown if the model still in the game data, this ship is found on mushroom bridge on the background. I named this ship Blue Rose.

6. dark blue ship with four funnel - appear on the first version of peach beach, is unknown if the model still in the game data. i named this ship deep fin.

7. Dark blue ship with two funnel - appear on the wii u version of yoshi circuit. I named this ship deep sea.

8. SS Sea Star - appear on mario party 7. 
my own ships.

1. small green ship - this ship is one of the ship i made for luigi. i named this ship green fire.

2. giant purple ship - this ship is one of the ship i made for waluigi. i named this ship big bomb.

3. purple and yellow ship - this ship is one of the ship i made for wario. i named this ship sea bomb.

3. small pink ship - this ship is one of the ship i made for Peach. I named this ship Pink Blossom.
sprites made by me :iconearthbouds:

hope you all enjoy making ships of your own.
the search for daisy part 8: the escape
on the dungeon, daisy manage to free king totomesu.

king totomesu: Daisy! are you alright?

Daisy: im fine, we need to get out of this place.

king totomesu: i'm sorry to say this but is best if you evacuate instead of me and Dragonzamazu.

Daisy: what, but why?

king totomesu: im afraid we would slow you down, so you need to escape without us.

Daisy: I won't leave you two. you both bin there for me since i was a kid. i can't loose you guys.

king totomesu: daisy, we know what is best for you, so please go, as your friend.

daisy look at king totomesu's eyes as she accepted his words. the king broke the chains daisy had on her hands and legs as he pull out some bricks off the wall.

Daisy: a secret path?

king totomesu: this path will lead you to the outside part of the castle. ran toward the easton kingdom, two person claim to be your friends are looking for you.

daisy ran to him as she hug king totomesu before entering the path. daisy enter the path as the king put the bricks back where they were. daisy look at the deep dart path.

Daisy: well, it looks like i'll be having my own adventure.

daisy walk foward as she try not to look down.

Daisy: this path seem old, but why does this wood feel so new? shouldn't they be molded by now?

but then she heard a weird noice.

Daisy: whats that sound?

daisy look down and saw a bunch of boo.

Daisy: oh dear! i know, if i keep it quiet, maybe they won't knowtest me.

Daisy ran as quietly as she could, but little did she knew that there were dust on the wood platform she was walking on.

Daisy: oh no, not dust. ahh ahh ahhhh!

daisy took a deep breath.

daisy: few.

daisy walked foward until...

Daisy : Achoooooooooo!

daisy sneezed so loud that the boos saw her.

Daisy: oh brutal.

daisy ran as the boos try to catch her. until then, daisy saw a door, as she open it, sun light appeared, scaring away all the boos.

daisy: thank god for sun light.

daisy look at the chai castle one last time, she ran toward the easton kingdom as fast as she could.

Daisy: don't worry my friends, I will come back for you. I promise.

as daisy ran from the kingdom, little did she know that the flowers there was on the chai kingdom, were dying. due to tatanga and warupichi taking over the chai kingdom.

to be continued...
next part:

previous part:…

characters from nintendo.

photo and amiibo owned by me :iconearthbouds:
the search for daisy part 7: Daisy hill
as they got to the forest part of daisy' hill. luigi knowtest a set of white bricks in the air.

Luigi: I see that Daisy bin trying to make a difference from her kingdoms to a yours peach.

Peach: yea, but those block look kinda nicer then the one back home.

but then, they saw two glowing light landing on the set of bricks.

Peach: what was that?

Luigi: I'm a gonna see.

luigi jump high as he landed on the set of blocks, there he saw Rosalina and Mario.

Luigi: Mario? Rosalina? whats a bring you here?

Mario: I should ask the same a thing about you.

Luigi: well me and Peach bin looking for daisy on her kingdom.

Peach jump as she landed safely on the block.

Peach: is true. we wen't through birabuto, muda and daisy circuit. but we haven't found her.

Rosalina: we checked on both both her cruisers but no sign of her. so we came to check it out here on her hill.

Luigi: well looks like this search team of two became a team of four.

Peach: so where should we go now?

just then they saw a flock of sheep running toward a small farm that was near by a village from the distance.

Mario: we drive some sheep.

mario jump as he landed on a sheep. peach and rosalina jump as well as they landed safely. but as luigi jump, he landed to the ground. he got up and got on a sherp that appeared behind him. with the four of them riding on some sheep, they headed to the village.

Peach: this is fun.

Mario: yes, we be on that village in no time.

a few moment later, they got off of the sheep and walk to the town. they all watch the signs.

Peach: and to think that she has an icon like ours, she would bin included.

Luigi: how i wish she was included. it would have bin a lot better

Mario: not to mention that if she was in the game. my name represent each of us. M was red, A was green, R was yellow, I was blue and O was pink.

Rosalina: indeed, also is best if we pay attention and see if we can find her fast. now how do we get to easton kingdom?

Peach: we need to get through that hill.

Luigi: looks a really far away, if only we had our karts.

but just then, they heard a familiar voice.

???: if your trying to get to easton kingdom, then you can use my hot air balloons.

as the team look back, they saw a black snifit.

???: hello mario, luigi and peach, its bin years.

mario: that mask.

luigi: that black coat.

peach: its.

all three together: Snify, so glad to see you.

rosalina: um who's this?

mario: this is snify, he was daisy's mario party 3 partner.

peach: he's the one that made the hot air balloon on my royal raceway

rosalina: oh i see.

snify: how can i help you mario.

mario: we need to get to easton kingdom. we can go walking, but we want to find princess daisy as soon as possible.

snify: she's missing! why din't you say so sooner! come on, i'll take you 4 up to the hill!

snify ran as the team followed him. as they got to the other side of the village, snify presented 3 hot air balloons. one pink, one orange and one blue.

snify: now this is the plan, we will go by air, but we need to look out. there bin a lot of bullet bills around the air often.

Mario: alright, Peach and I go to the pink one. Luigi, you go on the orange one with snify. rosalina, you go on the blue one. lets put a rope on them together so we wont separate.

all: agreed.

as they all got on the hot air balloone, they set off to the easton kingdom. luigi look foward as he was desperet to find daisy.

to be continued...
next part:

previous part:…

characters from nintendo.

photo and amiibo by me :iconearthbouds:
Sailor moon Nintendo
here is something i bin trying to do for a while.

we have from left to right.

Princess Daisy as Sailor Venus
Rosalina as Sailer Mercury
Princess Peach as Sailor Moon
Princess Zelda as Sailor Mars
Samus as Sailor Jupiter
If you ask me, Peach and Daisy's dress look a bit like the one Bayonetta has as a costume. don't they?
characters from nintendo.

sprites by :iconcaycay44-bases:


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