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Puerto Rico
Names Pedro, I only draw what i like and I don't take OC request.

Best Friends.

:icontobyandmavisforever: :iconhoyothefox: :iconthegoldenmoonlight: :iconrudolphtheehcidna: :iconknuxroxmysox: :iconchristitan16: :iconwebkinzspongebob: :iconcaholtz: :iconhyper-mario-64: :icono-camtroartist-o: :iconhiimdilan: :iconrockinmidnight18: :iconsarahvilela: :iconvalandy7: :iconalexanderthehedgeho8: :iconfalconpawnch7: :iconredqueenallison: :iconbrando360: :icondragonous3: :iconbaltowolfdog::iconnightmaresouleater: :iconcameolbp2: :iconbenjaminlittle:



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favorite games couples?

Mario couples.

Mario X Princess Peach.
Luigi X Princess Daisy.
Waluigi X Rosalina.
Yoshi X birdo.

sonic couples.

Sonic X amy
Shadow X Rouge
Knuckles X Julie-su
Chaos X Tikal
Charmy bee X saffron

Zelda couples

Link X Malon
Kafei X Anju
Mikau X Lulu
what I like?

making sprites for my favorite characters, making arts for me for being kind and helpful, drawing, people making animation art with my sprites, seeing luigi and daisy together.
what i hate!

people saying rude thing about my art, art stealers, saying rude thing about my favorite characters, being left out, not being credited when someone uses my sprites.


All the sprites i made so far by earthbouds
All the sprites i made so far
here we have all the characters, the location and a vehicle sprites i made from 3 different series.
on the top balcony, we have

Princess Daisy, King Richard and Queen Lillian.

their sprites are made for mario and luigi superstar saga.

King Richard and Queen Lillian belong to :iconnintendrawer:
on the left balcony, we have two set of game sprites.

on one side we have six zelda characters such as Malon, Zelda, Anju, Cremia, Romani and Aria.

the row next to them, are current Daisy, classic Daisy, shokora, merelda, concept art rosalina and warupichi.

their sprites were for mario and luigi bowser inside story.
next to them are Daisy, Shokora, Baby Daisy and Malon

they were for mario and luigi partner in time
on the little balcony next to that one, we have super princess daisy.
on the right balcony

we have current daisy, classic daisy, shokora, merelda, concept art rosalina and current rosalina, malon, cremia, Anju, zelda and aria.

these sprites were made for mario and luigi dream team.
on the small balcony next to it, we have peach and daisy.

these were for sonic advance 1 2 and 3.
on the main door, we have daisy.

this sprites was for mario and luigi paper jam.
in front of the stairs, we have Tikal, Julie-su, Pachacamac, Locke, Lara-Le, Spectre, Thunderhawk, Sojourner, Sabre, Janelle-li, Athair, Remington, Komi-Ko, twilight cage pirate, Nixus, tobor and hawking the echidna.

they all were made for the sonic advance and battle series.

only julie-su belong to :iconknuxroxmysox:
underneath the small balcony, we have Lien-Da and Thrash the tasmanian devil.

their there cause their villains.
underneath the other small balcony, we have four of the e-100 series.

we have e-101 beta, e-103 delta, e-104 epsilon and e-105 zeta.
underneath the left balcony, we have Kafei, Malon, Cremia and Aria.

these sprites were made for the legend of zelda minish cap.
and next to them, we have the wheelies.

we have grand wheelie, rex wheelie, wheelie bike dedede, wheelie scooter, wheelie bomb and Mach wheelie.

these sprites were made for kirby superstar ultra game.

note that wheelie bomb and mach wheelie are fan made.
and on the far right, we have the daisy cruiser that is suppose to be seen from far away.
characters from the legend of zelda, super mario bros, kirby, sonic the hedgehog, nintendo, sonicteam and the archie series.

Daisy's castle was made by me :iconearthbouds:

hope you all enjoy it.
Knuckles tale: episode 3. a dress for the depress by earthbouds
Knuckles tale: episode 3. a dress for the depress
on angel island, knuckles was walking back to the altar of the master emerald. but on his way, he saw tikal picking up some flowers.

knuckles: hey tikal. what you doing with those flowers.

Tikal: hello knuckles. i'm just.. getting them for something, thats all.

but knuckles knew that tikal was hiding something.

knuckles: tikal, your like a little sister to me, just tell me who are they for?

tikal sigh as she grab the flowers. their for my mother's and grandmother's grave. i do this every year actually.

knuckles then felt sad for hearing it.

knuckles: oh um. sorry, i din't know. will you be alright?

tikal: knuckles, my mother and grandmother are in a better place now. and i wouldn't dare change that.

tikal got up as she walk to the cave. until knuckles scream.

Knuckles: Tikal, wait! how bout you take julie-su and shade with you.

tikal stop as she turn around.

tikal: oh no no no, i'm sure their busy right now.

knuckles: no tikal, i'll ask them to go with you. just please stay here.

Tikal look at knuckles.

tikal: alright i'll wait.

knuckles: thanks, wont take long.

knuckles ran to the altar where julie-su, shade, pachacamac and spectre were guarding.

knuckles: julie, shade, i need a favor.

shade: whats up?

knuckles: I need you two to go with tikal to the mystic ruins temple.

but then pachacamac look at knuckles.

pachacamac : and why is she going there?

knuckles: she said she was taking some flowers for her mother and grandmother's grave. why don't you go with her.

pachacamac : i can't, as much as i wan't to, i can't. seeing my wife and mothers grave... is not a good feeling for me.

knuckles : i see.

julie-su: so where is she?

knuckles: she's on the entranse to the cave. come back at sun down. we'll be planning a surprise party for her.

julie su: alright.

pachacamac: wait, when you get to the graves, there are 3 bricks loose, remove them and you'll see 3 dresses. tell tikal that those were her mother and gramdmother's.

shade: will do.

shade and julie-su ran to meet up with tikal as knuckles called everyone else to the altar.

knuckles: alright, today we need to restore7 this altar to make it look like how it was 4000 years a go.

sojourner: that would take a while to do knuckles, since its a really old altar.

thunderhawk: and mind me asking, but why are we gonna do this?

knuckles: because tikal is visiting her mother and grandmother's grave, and i saw in her eyes that she was depress.

lara-le: oh dear. knuckles what can I do.

knuckles: mom, komi-ko and grandmother janelle-li, i need you two to be in charge of the food. make sure is fresh and sweet.

janelle-li: alright then.

knuckles : spectre, remington, chaos and nixus. get some water from the ice cave for the fountain.

spectre: we'er up for it.

knuckles: dad and tobor. clean up the fountain, make sure there arent any weed or stick on it.

tobor: we'er on it.

knuckles: sabre, thunderhawk, sojourner and athair. use your inventions to try and restore the altar.

athair: that will take some time but we can manage.

pachacamac : with my help it would be easy.

but then hawking appear.

hawking: and what can i do young one.

knuckles: pick up some flowers for tikal.

hawking: come on, just because i'm in a wheel chair, doesnt mean i must do small things.

knuckles: don't make me get your pills.

hawking quickly ran off to find some flowers for tikal. meanwhile, tikal, shade and julie-su saw the twilight cage pirate captain as they were getting on board his ship.

shade: hey sweety, can you take us to the mystic ruins?

captain: ARG! Anything for me precious Diamond. ALL HANDS IN STATION! WE'ER READY ON A NEW VOYAGE!

Julie-su: gee, what a pirate.

the ship blast off from angel island as it headed to mystic ruins. julie-su and shade watch as tikal held the flowers.

julie-su: i know what your going through tikal, is ok if you cry tikal. dont keep it in you.

julie su held tikal's hand.

tikal: how can i be sad, my mom or grandmother arent suffering anymore. im happy their somewhere better.

julie-su and shade look at eachother. they know what tikal said was so she wont feel sad. but they knew she was depress inside. soon they reach the mystic ruins, where tikal walked through the jungle while shade and julie-su walk slowly.

shade: i know she's acting strong, but its not right for her to keep all that sadness in her.

julie-su: well it's best to wait, it's her choice actually.

soon they start to enter the temple as julie-su and shade followed tikal. meanwhile on the altar.

knuckles: come on, lift that roof guys.

sabre: we got this!

soon they put the roof on the altar.

knuckles: well done, it look like when tikal took me back in time.

just then, spectre finish putting up enough water for the fountain.

knuckles: alright. we got the water, all we need is the food and the flowers.

just then, lara-le, komi-ko and janelle-li came with the food as they put it up on a stone they use as a table.

knuckles: great job. everything is going great.

spectre: you think she's gonna love it.

knuckles: i know so. wonder if they got to the graves by now?

meanwhile, on the temple. tikal, shade and julie-su got to the graves of tikal's mother and grandmother as she put the flowers on both grave.

tikal: how much i miss you two

put both her hands together as she close her eyes. both julie-su and shade watch as she cry, the two echidna hugged her for support. tikal smile as she fell warm and safe as they hug her. a few minute later, tikal told them that it was time to go, but before they left, shade open the 3 loose bricks and found three dresses.

shade: tikal, look what i found.

tikal was shock to see that they found her mother and grandmother's dresses.

tikal: how could it be? i though we lost these dresses a long time ago.

julie-su: guess your dad put them there for the future.

shade: are you gonna try it on tikal?

tikal: I don't know, won't it be a bad thing?

julie-su: no, how bout i try one.

tikal: alright.

tikal put on her mother's dress as julie-su put on tikal's grandmother's chief dress.

tikal: how do i look.

julie-su: your looking great tikal.

tikal: thanks. so do you.

julie-su: thanks, try that one on shade.

shade look at the third dress.

shade: It's bin years since i used a dress, and i don't know if tikal's alright with it.

tikal: can you put it on, i would like to see how it look on you.

shade took off her armor as she put n her dress.

shade: well it's warm and soft, but it would do.

tikal: you look great shade.

but then julie su got a call from knuckles as he told them to ead back.

julie-su: well, lets go. knuckles is waiting for us.

tikal: alright, let me change first.

shade: no no no, stay like that and let's just go.

tikal: alright lets just go then.

the 3 echidna headed back as they got out of the temple. a few hours later, they got back to angel island, where tikal was shock to see that the altar was restored like it did back then.

tikal: how-how did you all did this?

pachacamac: we wanted to make you happy, so we restored this place for you.

tikal: why.. thank you all.

they all saw the three dresses as they admire it. tikal asked.

tikal: who's idea was this?

knuckles: mine.

hawking gave knuckles the flowers as he gave it to tikal.

knuckles: like said before, your like a little sister to me, and seeing that you weren't happy this morning, i wanted to ring back how the altar look like when you were little.

tikal smile as she hug him. knuckles smile as he ask her for a dance.

tikal: yes, i would like that.

both knuckles and tikal dance like brothers and sisters. a few moment later, she dance with chaos as best friends. later she dance with her father.

pachacamac: your mother would bin proud of this.

tikal: yes she would, and she is cause shes with us.

they dance and dance until they got tired. they smile as the master emerald shine. the end.
characters from the archie series and sega.

drawing by me. :iconearthbouds:
King Richard and Queen Lillian Sprites by earthbouds
King Richard and Queen Lillian Sprites
here we have 2 OC characters that belong to :iconnintendrawer:

their daisy's parents and they seem to give luigi a hard time due to how he mostly act. noticeably, king Richard doesn't think Luigi can be a great king if he and daisy get married but as for queen Lillian. well she somehow doesn't show any negative feeling for luigi, if you ask me, i think she let Luigi be himself and accept his ways.

for king richard's sprites was a bit hard but i manage to make him the side/front/back animations but yet he doesnt have a large scale sprites like queen Lillian. but he does have a normal standing pose and hos own luggage.

for queen Lillian's sprites, i use my daisy sprites and made her a bit taller then daisy. in her large scale sprites, i made her taller and added a little wrinkle on her eye to kinda show she's older. she doesn't have a shock or scared sprites.
Characters belong to :iconnintendrawer:

Sprites made by me :iconearthbouds:

I might give them more sprites animation.
Princess Daisy sprites IV by earthbouds
Princess Daisy sprites IV
here we have another sprites sheet i made for daisy, but this time for mario and luigi superstar saga. hope you all enjoy it.

on her large scale sprites, she is smaller then peach due to the fact their not the exact same height.

credit me if you use it.
character from nintendo.

sprites were made by me :iconearthbouds
Daisy Circuit Outside The Castle sprites recreated by earthbouds
Daisy Circuit Outside The Castle sprites recreated
here is something i decided to recreate, the previous one did not look that great so i decided to redo it.

previous daisy castle i made:…

thanks to someone for this screenshot… I manage to make a better castle.

unlike the one in the link, i decided to add a main door to both the balcony and the main front. also the small balcony on the left and right dont have doors, but i'm sure the windows can be open by sliding it.

the main stairs are straight due to the fact that it was hard to make them go around.

i also removed the statues i made of both classic and current daisy. and replace the fence with trees.
where does the daisy circuit takes place?

well in my opinion, as well as the members of the :iconwe-are-daisy: we think it takes place on muda kingdom due to the cylinder shape mountain and that it lead to the sea.

but what about the european bio of the daisy circuit?

well yea it say is a resort, but just because is a resort, doesn't mean the building we think is the castle is a hotel. since there are a lot of building on the small town, any of those could be a hotel. but who knows.
which game is this background for?

well i was planning for it to be use for mario and luigi bowser inside story. but it ended up looking for both mario and luigi superstar saga and partner in time. i know it look small but i at least try my best.

hope you all enjoy it, remember to credit me if you use it.
place by nintendo.

sprites made by me. :iconearthbouds:

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